Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.

E.L. Doctorow

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Time's Hostage

J.E. McKnight

Most People would do anything or go anywhere for the one they love.

"How far back would you go?"

Jonathan MacLeod and Chris Jonson are forced to answer this question when a deranged gang leader kidnaps their close friend and hides her in Time.

They were warned about hanging out with Freddy "Krueger" Miller, but they didn't listen. Now Jonathan and Chris will have to pay the price and face the consequences. Freddy abducts Jonathan's girlfriend and holds her hostage where normal authorities cannot reach.

With the help of a ghost from the past and a mysterious gift, Jonathan and Chris travel back and forth through Time in an attempt to recover what they've lost.

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The Arrival

J.E. McKnight

The Planet of Seledania is about to get an uninvited guest.

How will the inhabitants cope with the discovery?

How can one human affect the small society?

Rain and wind blasted his back and the side of the object. He had never seen anything like it before but, peering through the transparent coverings, he quickly realized the object must be some sort of traveling device. He once created something similar out of a hollowed log. He latched the log to a large Pleethrad but the animal was unpredictable and the log, unstable. He remembered fondly the taste of the paleethrad. At least the beast was good for something. His log traveler would have taken a rider around their territory... where could the rider of this contraption have traveled from?

Bodram examined the device further; coming to a break in the smooth, white cover, he pawed at the seam until the door lifted open. He jumped back and held a stick out, prepared to defend their lives against whatever being lay in wait. What could be inside? He needed to ensure his daughter's safety, but was he bringing her into a more threatening situation? How will this affect Dimlyn?

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Fly on the Wall

J.E. McKnight

*Warning Adult Content*

The lights in the lab filled the entire old house. The clock on the cab's dashboard told him it was almost midnight. He hadn't come straight back after the committee handed him the dates, places, and circumstances they wished him to video. Such an occasion called for a few drinks at the local watering hole. Their idea wasn't completely dismissed but wasn't readily accepted, either. The tension and frustrations were driving him crazy. He had waited a month already to see them the first time, and now he had to agonize for another month over whether or not they would believe a device like theirs belonged in society. The light meant that either Sean forgot to turn off the lights before leaving the lab or he was nervous about the verdict, too.

Simon descended the stairs leading to the basement lab and found Sean at his desk, face in his hands, staring blankly at his personal computer monitor.

"What's the matter, Sean? Not on the prowl tonight? I thought you were out stalking your next possible peep show."

"I was. It didn't turn out like I expected."

"What could go wrong? It's not like her husband could spot you."

"She was murdered, Simon."

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J.E. McKnight

Imagine living in a world where enhanced beings are the norm and those whose abilities are stolen, by means of a serum, are exiled to a designated island. Now imagine you have become powerless but manage to escape exile.

This is what Blaze McPherson is faced with as a child - his ability stolen before it had ever been developed. As a growing number of citizens are robbed of their abilities and sent to Institutional Island, Blaze feels he is the only one who is capable of taking down the people responsible. He creates an alter ego to conceal his true identity to solve the mystery. And, he must do this without getting killed or revealing his identity and being exiled - the necessary lying and hiding become even more complicated when he gets involved with his childhood crush.

Can Blaze successfully save the people of Metro-Burg? How long can he keep his secret from his friends and family?

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The Other Secret

J.E. McKnight

*Warning Adult Content*

"I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in and the kind you don't dare let out."

-Ally Carter

Danielle Abner has had both kinds of secrets in her life - surprises like her engagement, finding out she was pregnant, and surprise parties. She has also been keeping some of the other secrets, as well. She thought enough time has passed. She thought it was all in her past. She thought they didn't matter anymore - though she still feared what her husband would think if they were revealed. She was wrong.

After her husband vanishes, and bodies start turning up with hints of the secrets she thought she kept hidden, she is about to learn how dangerous secrets and lies can be.

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Stocking Stuffers

J.E. McKnight

  • As life moves forward, family traditions change. One man faces this and struggles with the dilemmas that come with it...
  • A child fears he is unable to partake in a traditional pond hockey game when his skates no longer fit.
  • As eight-year-old makes a wish and is surprised by the results.
  • After a long trip, delivering toys around the world, Santa can't wait to take a break - but will he be able to relax the way he wishes?

You'll find these stories and more inside - including three poems and four brand new stories. Stocking Stuffers makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the reader on your list.

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Unnatural Selection

J.E. McKnight

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*Warning Adult Content*

"This must be what a parallel universe is like, I thought. Everything looked the same, but suddenly felt like it wasn't. Like everything had been taken apart, brick by brick, flower bed by flower bed, and put it back together in the wrong order. Just like me."

- Jordanna Frailbergberg

In a world where the male population outnumbers the female eight to one, the survival of the human race depends on the advent of a breeding program, outlawing marriage and monogamous relationships. This is all anybody knows as there isn't a generation that hadn't participated in some breeding program or another.

Martin 11 of Coddlebury and Eric 23 of Coddlebury grew up together in the same nursery and dreamed of the day they would be old enough to enter the breeding program. Everything changed for Martin the day he met Desiree 9 of Peppercoll. Now he is torn between his duty to the program - not to mention the law - and his feelings for a woman he knows he can never have.

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Virtual Age

J.E. McKnight

Not the strongest/bravest?

Hate long travel times?

Real world problems!

Escape into the virtual world!!

After the world was no longer able to support life without the aid of indoor cities and purified water and air, virtual reality became more than just an escape - it turned into a way of life. People live, work, go to school, and play within the system. It is the only way one can eat a decent meal, swim in the ocean, travel the world, play golf, or even take a walk in the park. If you have the money for the programs the only other limit to what you can do is your imagination.

Like most thirteen-year-old boys, Aiden Murphy likes how he can do anything he wants; be anything he wants within the program. He could walk the Great Wall of China in the morning, have lunch under the Eiffel Tower in the afternoon, and watch the sun set in the Rocky Mountains in the evening and all without moving an inch. He spent most of his life saving up for skills - such as swimming, weapons training, and strength building - to help him get by in the virtual world. But, when a group of bank robbers misplace their latest haul and trap Aiden in a program of their own making, those skills won't help him get home. Now Aiden must find a way to make it back to his family before the kidnappers kill him in the real world.